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The Wild Divine


Open the door 

to the luminous light,

enter the realm 

of nature spirit

acknowledge the sacred, 

embrace as beloved friends,

absorb the offering 

of beauty and wisdom.


The heart 

a glowing lantern 

guides you on the return.


See the shimmering pond, 

stoke the steady flame within,

your tether
to ancient earth wisdom 

as you step into
your creative spotlight. 


Chronicle the journey, 

share it with the world.


Wild divinity
engaging my heart 

ceremonial tea
for my yearning soul

it flows through my seasoned
and earthy hands.

Within the sphere of nature,
I create works of art in observation of our innate
and sacred connection to it,
a necessary bond for our humanity. My drawings are narratives with nature,
I am the scribe recording my perspective of the stories relayed. Using plant and animal symbols such as the ginkgo leaf and turtle, universal and ancient symbols like the labyrinth and the heart shape, and sacred geometry such as the spiral of life, I design modern day totems within paintings, sculpture, jewelry, and clothing to have and also
to wear as personal empowerment and inspirational tools, a reminder of, a tether to,
your special place in
the journey through
this life.
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