Found shell pendant with morganite and turquoise beads, hematite, glass and leather accent beads, all hand-knotted using grey silk cord. Necklace 3 has watermelon tourmaline accent beads instead of hematite and glass. Necklace 1 and 3 - 22" length; Necklace 2 - 20" length.

Coming Home Necklace

20" or 22" Length Necklace
  • The shell pendant symbolizes a spiraling inward, going within our heart center. This is how we can observe our own inner universe and know ourselves which the cosmos surrounding us echoes. 


© 2020 Julie Wolter Jenowe

Spirit Earthy, wildly divine nature-inspired art highlighting plant, animal, and universal symbolism by artist Julie Wolter Jenowe of Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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