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The Whirling Rainbow Ginkgo T-shirt in a 100% cotton womens style available in White and Dusty Purple. 2XL sizes are $25 and 3XL $26 in Dusty Purple.

Whirling Rainbow Ginkgo Tee 100% cotton Women's

  • There is an ancient prophecy amongst Native American tribes that foretells the coming together of all races and nations and it is called the rainbow dream of world peace. This vision of harmony, peace, and unity amongst all and its accompanying universal symbol of the whirling rainbow has gathered energy throughout the ages as more and more embodied souls discover and continue to nurture these ever-present ideas in energetic form. The whirling rainbow within the ginkgo leaf is my interpretation of this beautiful prophecy and the ancient ideals it upholds. May we continue to build upon this vision and contribute to the whirling rainbow with our loving thoughts and actions. You have the ability, let it be a true reality.

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